Feb 14, 2024

Celebrate National Condom Week

Illustrated condom on a pink background holding a valentine's day heart

Valentine’s Day lands on February 14th, marking the kickoff of National Condom Week! Coincidence? We think not!

Did you know that 85% of Americans consider having sex an important part of their Valentine’s Day plans. Interestingly, March sees the highest sales of pregnancy tests each year. It’s no coincidence – can you see the connection?

Even if you’re already using birth control, adding condoms to your routine provides an extra layer of protection against STDs and unplanned pregnancy.  

Let’s dive into some commonly asked questions about condoms:

Where can you get condoms? 

You can grab condoms without any fuss – no age limits or prescription needed! They’re available at drugstores, your local Planned Parenthood health center, community health centers, doctor’s offices, supermarkets, convenience store, online, and even vending machines. 

What are the best condoms to get? 

No matter if it’s vaginal, anal, or oral sex, both latex and plastic condoms offer similar protection against pregnancy and STDs. Just be sure to check the condom box or wrapper to make sure it says that the condom protects against both STDs and pregnancy. When it comes down to it, using condoms correctly is more important than buying a specific brand. 

How can I make condoms more effective? 

Consistency is key! Make sure to use condoms the whole time, from start to finish. Pairing condoms and another form of birth control is a great way to get pregnancy prevention AND protection against STDs!

What should you do if a condom breaks? 

Even the tiniest tear in a condom is still big enough for sperm to swim through. If that happens and you aren’t using another birth control method (like the pill), you can take emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy. Stock up on emergency contraception with the Planned Parenthood Direct app – it’s delivered right to your door!

Whether you’re seeking extra peace of mind or just want to be prepared, download the Planned Parenthood Direct app from the App Store or Google Play Store today.  

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