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Celebrate Thanks, Birth Control Day with Planned Parenthood Direct
Nov 15, 2023

Thanks, Birth Control Day 2023

Today, we celebrate our beloved birth control in honor of #ThxBirthControlDay! What better way to celebrate than by freshening up on all the reasons why we love birth control?
Avoid birth control shipping delays with Planned Parenthood Direct app
Nov 13, 2023

Avoid Birth Control Shipping Delays this Holiday Season

Don't let your birth control get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! Check out our pro tip for how to avoid holiday shipping delays.
Birth control and acne prevention for healthy skin
Nov 08, 2023

Birth Control and Acne Prevention

Did you know that in addition to pregnancy prevention, birth control can also help clear your skin? That's right, acne prevention is one of many benefits of taking this type of birth control.
Hand waving goodbye to UTI with relief from the Planned Parenthood Direct app
Oct 31, 2023

What Causes UTIs?

Ouch! It's that feeling when another UTI is coming on. No one likes getting a UTI, yet they're actually pretty common. So, what actually causes them?
Image of birth control packs and condom on blue background with blue heart.
Oct 23, 2023

Birth Control Then and Now

Once there was only one birth control clinic. Now, you can order birth control from your phone. A lot can change in 107 years!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Practice breast self-awareness.
Oct 20, 2023

Breast-Self Awareness Saves Lives – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and what better time than now to take charge of your health? Discover the importance of breast self-awareness and how to recognize early signs of breast cancer. Your health matters - start taking proactive steps...
Hand holding a phone with the Planned Parenthood Direct app open and the words "birth control from your phone!"
Oct 13, 2023

Why Is It So Hard to Get Birth Control?

Struggling to access affordable birth control due to small-town stigmas, long work hours, and other barriers? Discover how Planned Parenthood Direct is breaking down obstacles to reproductive care - because everyone deserves quality healthcare on their...
Uterus with floral design. PCOS, birth control for PCOS
Oct 13, 2023

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

While the exact cause of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is unknown and there is no cure, there are ways to improve symptoms to make the condition less debilitating.
Illustration of Planned Parenthood Direct services including birth control, the morning after pill, and uti treatment
Oct 02, 2023

Birth Control Options with Planned Parenthood Direct

The pill & the patch & the ring, oh my! Luckily, choosing a birth control method is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Planned Parenthood Direct app.
Birth control pill pack from Planned Parenthood Direct in front jean pocket
Oct 01, 2023

Finding The Best Birth Control Method for You

Deciding which birth control method to use isn't a one size fits all approach! Here is your complete guide on which questions to ask yourself.
An illustration of a birth control pill pack available for delivery through Planned Parenthood Direct
Sep 30, 2023

Birth Control FAQs: The Pill

How do birth control pills prevent pregnancy? Does the pill protect against STDs? How effective is the pill? We've got the answers to all your frequently asked birth control pill questions.
Get the birth control ring from Planned Parenthood Direct
Sep 29, 2023

Birth Control FAQs: The Ring

What is the birth control ring? How does the ring prevent pregnancy? How do I make the ring work best for me? We've got the answers to all your frequently asked birth control ring questions.
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