Feb 05, 2024

Celebrating Black Women's Contributions to Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood Direct #StandWithBlackWomen during Black History Month and every month

February is Black History Month; a time to celebrate and uplift Black women in all that they do. 

Historically, Black women have nurtured families, organized communities, led social movements, reimagined the arts and sciences, and everything in between. They deserve the same respect, care, and support they give. 

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting three Black women who have made significant contributions to women's sexual and reproductive health.   

Rosa Parks 

A leader of the Civil Rights movement and a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood (even serving on the Board of Advocates in the 1980s), Parks helped continue the fight towards true equality.  

Faye Wattleton 

As the first Black president and CEO of Planned Parenthood (as well as the youngest person to hold the position), Wattleton founded the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. 

Mary Kenner 

Inventor of the sanitary napkin belt and a moisture-absorbing napkin pocket, Kenner faced a 30-year struggle to patent her invention due to discrimination. She eventually prevailed and went on to file many other patents.  

We #StandWithBlackWomen, honoring their strength, resilience, and right to make choices about their own bodies while celebrating their achievements, health, and future — this month and every month. We are proud to help in the fight toward a more equitable future with expanded access to reproductive healthcare through the Planned Parenthood Direct app.

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