Jul 08, 2024

How to Store Your Birth Control Pills in the Summer

Tips for Storing Birth Control Pills in Summer Heat Planned Parenthood Direct

Did you know that extreme heat can cause medications to change physically and, in some cases, even make them less effective or unsafe to use?  

Oral contraceptives (like birth control pills) that contain hormones are especially susceptible, since the proteins they contain can change their properties during heat exposure.  

It’s important to know how to store your birth control pills during the sizzling summer heat to keep them effective and safe for use. Check out these tips! 

  1. Store your pills in a cool, dry place. 
  2. Keep your pills away from excessive heat and humidity, and out of direct sunlight. 
  3. In the case of anticipated storage problems, such as during travel, a physician or pharmacist can often recommend a cool pack to keep medications at the correct temperature.  
  4. Car travel can be especially damaging to medications, so when traveling, it’s safest to keep your pills in the air-conditioned passenger compartment (not in the trunk) and carried with you whenever you leave your car. 
  5. If you’re traveling by plane, keeping your pills in carry-on baggage is best, since luggage compartments are not temperature controlled. 

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