Dec 21, 2023

Is Planned Parenthood Direct Discreet?

Discreet online birth control deliveries from Planned Parenthood Direct

From social media platforms to nosy family members, it can be hard to keep details of our personal lives private. With Planned Parenthood Direct, you can order your birth control online in complete confidence that your business will stay your business. We make it a priority to keep our patients’ sexual and reproductive health completely confidential. 

Here’s how... 

Discreet Packaging 

All mail order shipments arrive in a discreet, soft white envelope. We never include Planned Parenthood anywhere on the package. That means all packages are totally discreet - no peeping neighbors or family members will know who it’s coming from. We also add an extra layer of privacy by never sending any paper mail (receipts or otherwise) to the address you provide.  

Protected Patient Information 

Rest assured that the information you provide to us in the app is never shared. With our secure in-app messaging, only you and your doctor or nurse will know your health care details – because your health is your business. 

Nonspecific Billing 

When you use your card to pay for service or prescriptions from us, the charge will appear on your statement as PPDirect, not Planned Parenthood.  

Ready to request birth control or another prescription, like emergency contraception, offered in your state? Download the Planned Parenthood Direct app to get started! 

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