Dec 04, 2023

Planned Parenthood Direct Payment Troubleshooting Guide

Birth Control Payment Troubleshooting Guide for Planned Parenthood Direct App

Picture this: you’ve downloaded the Planned Parenthood Direct app, created an account, and...received a payment error?! Oh no!  

Don’t fret! We’ve created a troubleshooting guide full of helpful tips to help you identify the source of the issue and ensure your birth control arrives on time, right when you need it. 

Payment issues troubleshooting guide 

Tip #1: 

When you enter your card information in the app, be sure to enter (and double-check) the correct card number. It helps to have the card handy just in case! 

Tip #2: 

Enter a 2-digit month of expiration (e.g. ‘02’ for February) and a 4-digit year of expiration (e.g. '2023'). 

Tip #3: 

The billing address must match what the bank or issuing institution has on file. Remember—this may not be the same as your shipping address! Note that if the bank has an outdated zip code on file, it’ll need to match in the app in order for the payment to process.   

Tip #4: 

You can only have one card on file at a time. If you already have a card on the app, you’ll need to delete it before entering a new one. 

Tip #5:

Issue still not resolved after these quick fixes? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team by tapping ‘Contact Us’ on the login page of the app for further assistance!  

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