Mar 11, 2024

Spring Break Survival Guide: Tips from Planned Parenthood Direct

Planned Parenthood Direct Spring Break survival guide with woman in pool

Did someone say Spring Break survival guide? The long-awaited week has arrived, and we’re here to help you make this a sizzling hot unforgettable Spring Break! 

Tip 1: Get Emergency Contraception

Sometimes things get a little too hot to handle, and that’s where we come in handy. Don’t let unexpected surprises ruin your Spring Break vibes! Stock up on emergency contraception through the Planned Parenthood Direct app. We’ve got your back, always!

Tip 2: Remember Your Birth Control

You know what’s not cool? Taking a vacation from your birth control! No matter where your wanderlust takes you, use our Spot On app to stay on schedule with reminders to take your pill amidst the Spring Break shenanigans. Consistency is key, even when the party is on!

Tip 3: Skip Your Period 

Who wants to deal with period cramps during Spring Break? Not you, that’s for sure! Use your birth control pills to skip your period and say goodbye to Aunt Flo and hello to more fun in the sun. It’s time to reclaim your Spring Break and make every moment count without any interruptions. 

So, as you zip your suitcase, grab your sunglasses, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, know that Planned Parenthood Direct has got your back. 

Download the Planned Parenthood Direct app and rest assured you’re your Spring Break essentials are just a tap away. Your epic adventure awaits! 

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